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Alien Agent is a 100% proprietary Internet based Real Estate listings database system. What that means is we developed it from the ground up, we are one of the original pioneers of this type of system and we have been copied many times over. Originally developed in 1999 and continuously upgraded to become the most trusted, stable system available. Over 400 users and growing.

Now you can offer your clients our system! The system has been stripped of all our branding and look. We have made it simple to modify it to match a clients existing web site (changes via a css). No ugly user interfaces to deal with, just add your look and you are set.

Our systems makes use of 2 widely available upload and image components. This means if your host includes ASPUpload and ASPJPEG on the server then you will be able to take advantage of our powerful image system. We all know getting images to a website is tough at the best of times, but we have developed our system to use these common components to upload, size, (both in width, height and in bytes), compress and rename up to 5 images per listing.
Note: ASPUpload and ASPJPEG are not included with the Listing system.

The biggest question we get is "Why use image components as my hosting company does not support or will not load them?" Our answer in short, screw eh! Move to a host that will, after all the Internet is supposed to benefit you and not your hosting company?. There is thousands of hosting companies that will be glad to host your site and have or will install components for a reasonable price.

Over our 6 years of developing our system the major complaint we had was "It's too hard to upload the images". Realtors© or their assistants don't want to resize, rename or do anything with images. They just want to fill out a listings form, plug the digital camera in and upload the images to their website and be off to do what they do - SELL HOMES!!.

Real Estate Listings Databases Includes:
  • Powerful listing database engine

  • Most advanced image system on the market

  • Main pages controlled by a CSS for easy modifications

  • Advanced search engine

  • Email listings

  • Feature print sheets

  • Open house system

  • Mortgage calculator

  • Virtual tour ready

  • Map to location ready

  • Featured Properties

  • Add / update and delete listings with a browser based interface

  • Sets up in Minutes

  • Image uploading, resizing and compressing on the fly

  • Minimal HTML programming required

  • 60 Days of Toll Free technical support

  • Unlimited email support

  • Proven track record

Try a single agent demo of our reseller system.

View Listings Demo  

Try a multi agent demo of our reseller system.

View Listings Demo  

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us toll free at 1-877-700-6688.

Real Estate System Pricing:
$199.00 USD for a Single Agent.  Secure Order Now
$299.00 USD for a 5 Agent Multi User System.  Secure Order Now
$499.00 USD for a 10 Agent Multi User System.  Secure Order Now
Systems will be delivered by email in a zipped file format.

Note: This product is a Server based system.

Windows 2000 - 2003 Internet Server (IIS5.0 - IIS6.x)
Reseller Versions uses Access Databases
ASPUpload and ASPJPEG upload and image components
Internet Explorer 5.5 or newer Browser
System is delivered in a Zipped file format via email.

Alien Software is committed to the continued development of the listings database and other time saving products.


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